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This is the "Synaptic Darwinism" website of Paul Adams and Kingsley Cox, who work at the Kalypso Mind/Brain Center, and in the Department of Neurobiology at Stony Brook University.

Our papers

Our recent Papers

Cox K.J.A., Adams P.R. (2013) Hebbian learning from higher-order correlations requires
crosstalk minimization. Biological Cybernetics May, 1-18 doi: 10.1007/s00422-014-0608-4

Cox KJA, Adams PR (2012) From Life to Mind: 2 Prosaic Miracles? In: Simeonov PL, Smith
LS, Ehresmann AC (eds) Integral Biomathics: Tracing the Road to Reality. Proceedings of
iBioMath 2011, Paris and ACIB '11, Stirling UK.

Cox K.J.A. and Adams P.R. (2009) Hebbian crosstalk prevents nonlinear unsupervised learning.
Front. Comput. Neurosci. 3:11. doi:10.3389/neuro.10.011.2009  PDF

This paper shows that in a popular model of nonlinear Hebbian learning, there is a critical level of synaptic update error beyond which the system is unable to extract any useful information. This is the first evidence that a critical error threshold may well be a limiting factor regarding learning in the cortex and supports our contention that a large part of cortical circuitry is involved in error correction by proofreading.   


Radulescu, A., Cox, K.J.A. and Adams, P.R.  Hebbian errors in learning: An analysis using the Oja model. J. Theor. Biol.(2009), 258, 489-501    PDF   Supplement    PDF

This paper explores with analysis and simulations the role of Hebbian synaptic update error in the Oja Model, which is a linear system. We find that error, as expected, degrades performance but that there is no sudden breakdown, in contrast to the nonlinear case.

Adams and Cox (2006), A neurobiological perspective on building intelligent devices, The Neuromorphic Engineer PDF         Link to Neuromorphic Engineer site

Previous Papers

Adams and Cox (2002), A new Interpretation of Thalamocortical Circuitry,  Phil Trans Roy Soc  PDF  

 Adams and Cox 2002, Neurocomputing  PDF 

 Cox and Adams 2000, Neurocomputing  PDF 

 P. Adams, Hebb and Darwin, J. Theoretical Biology  PDF    

 P. Adams, Sleep Perchance to Dream, Science Spectra  PDF



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